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Why briquetting?

The 3 step process

Is it a good business to produce briquettes? What does it cost to produce briquettes? What is the investment to start production of briquettes? What is the pay-back time?

Why choose C.F. Nielsen as your supplier of a briquetting solution?

Many ask us these questions, and the answers depend on many factors. In the following pages we have tried to answer some of them


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Which equipment is needed to produce briquettes?  - Only a briquetting machine or more equipment?  Read more in the following pages.


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Why briquettes and not pellets? Which raw materials can be briquetted? Is it easy to operate a briquetting plant? What is the calorific value of briquettes? - What is the density of briquettes?

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In the following we have tried to answer more specific questions concerning the operational aspects of a briquetting plant.


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What’s new...


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Flexible briquetting solution


In 2014 C.F. Nielsen is celebrating 125 years in business

The Vision

Throughout the history of the company, we have kept our key values such as meeting and exceeding customer expectations, being a reliable and trustworthy business partner, securing the future through ingenuity and innovation and never compromising on safety. The company as also learned to create value through service and results through people.


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